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Michael Valentine

MICHAEL VALENTINE is a top executive career oriented woman who has her eyes on the prize of becoming the successor as the CEO of the Advertising Firm she works for. Michael has exactly what she wants. The love of her life Robert Hart wants her as his wife. Michael must make a choice of following her heart with the love for Robert or for the love of her career. But then life sometimes throws an unexpected twist

No Poetry

An unfaithful bride seeks redemption and forgiveness from her husband but first has to hear some condemning truths.

God's relationship with the church is likened to a husband and his bride. Imagine if this relationship were personified.

What would the conversation be like?

The Substitute

Sergeant William Burke has had to handle many tough situations in his 20+ years in law enforcement. But this was no ordinary day. And little did Sergeant Burke know that today everything he believed would be put to the ultimate test.

The Saxophonist

An aspiring jazz saxophonist must choose between a career breakthrough in LA or his romance with a ballet dancer in NY.

The Party is Not Done Talking 

Li Ming'ai is a Christian in mainland China. She is a woman of upright character who respects her parents-in-law, assists her husband and educates her child, and has a happy and harmonious family. In China, where atheism exercises control, however, the Chinese Communist government always wildly arrests and persecutes people who believe in God.


As a man faces the reality of his wife's dementia, he must decide whether to hold on to his guilt or let her go.


A young female musician with a mental disorder struggles with hallucinations and seeks normal relationships with her friends and family.

The Intersection

A man struggling with drug addiction soon finds himself transported to "The Intersection". Which is a stopping point between his world and the next.

Mystical Crisis

A priest is persecuted by a man in a mystical crisis. To help him he decides to involve him in the preparations for the mass...

Rachel's Pitch

In this satirical portrayal of the entertainment industry, Rachel Jensen, a quirky but ambitious young filmmaker, attempts to pitch her ideas to Mr. McKnight, an intimidating big-time producer.


A Reluctant witness to a horrific crime is forced to tell her story repeatedly until she finally reveals the one most important detail she omitted before.

The Bishop & The Beggar

Lily is a homeless beggar; Richard is a respected bishop. Their lives could not be more different, yet in some strange way they live in parallel - facing the same choices and challenges. But as their paths cross three times, they realise that although their roads may be parallel, they are travelling in different directions.

Through His Eyes

Inspirational short film takes you into the life of a man named Bartimaeus on the day his faith changed him forever. Witness his story THROUGH HIS EYES. Based on Mark 10:46-52


If you could choose between when you were going to die, or how you were going to die, which would you pick?


A teen girl’s passion for protest is trumped by detention.

When the tragedy of a miscarriage, still birth, SIDS, or other infant passings occurs, it is devastating. But she still has a voice. And she has something to say to the parent she never had the chance to know.

Waiting for You


First in the "Stories of Hope" series, Stuck introduces Rael Thigpen as Darren, a teen who runs away after learning that his father is being released from prison. When he finds himself locked in a church overnight with a homeless man, Darren is faced with considering a new option; forgiveness.

JIN is a personal narrative that looks at cultural differences, language issues, and religious experiences that international students face in America. The purpose of my project is to comfort and encourage foreigners who are having a hard time with loneliness in America and to help Americans understand foreigners better. The video will serve as a bridge between cultures.

Jin - A Korean in 

Mr. Jim

A recently widowed veteran gets a new lease on life by striking up a friendship with a mom and her young daughter.


A man doesn't realize golf has become his God-until he is shown the future.

The Prodigy - 1st Place Winner

2017 BarriVision FIlms. 

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